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In ancient times, during the first centuries, for the preservation of written texts, bookbinding did not exist, because the substratum of writing did not have the need of bookbinding as we mean it today. That is because several kinds of substratum of writing, like rock, ivory, ceramics and other similar kinds did not demand protecting coverage.

In the next years, when the human being began to use several substratum writings originating from plants and animals (because they were and are sensitive), get damaged easily with frequent use and different other factors of ruin there was a need for the use of protecting coverage.


  Every book with a hard cover has three basic elements:

The body (shape 1), coverage (shape 2) and the inner leaves (shape 4). The body of the book is formed by the printed (shape 3) that are composed and connected in a different way. For the union of the body of the book with the coverage the inner leaves (shape 4) and the τέλα (shape 5). At the two ends of the book the κεφαλάρι (shape 6) is glued and all the back is covered with a strip of paper (shape 7). Some books with special demands of quality have also a bookmark (shape 8). The components of the hard coverage are not always the same.

The most usual coverage has two cardboards (shape 9) covered by coating material (shape 10) (fabric, leather, plastic). Between the two cardboards there is the deck (shape 12) (fat paper or cardboard) that gives the book of the coverage the requested shape and endurance. The distance II between the two cardboards is called διάκενο . The distance between the cardboard and the deck is the λούκι (shape 13).

Usually the measurements of the hard coverage are bigger from those of the ξακρισμένου body that is why after the union of these basic elements of the book η πατούρα (shape 14) is created (the coverage is protected from the three sides of the body about 3-5 c.m.).

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