Our basic clients are:
- Accountants, notaries and lawyers that desire to bind the newspapers of the government into volumes
- Companies that desire to bind their mechanographic prints
- A printer that wants to bind κατάστιχα for organizations.
- Students that want to bind their papers
- Simple prototypes that someone wants to make into a book.
- Anyone who has a good cherished book that has been ruined or damaged by time. Even a new book that someone wants to protect with a hard coverage.
- Collectors of magazines and newspapers that want to bind them into volumes.
- Everyone who wants to make a handmade unique present like an album, a frame, a case for magazines or books, a box a.a.
Bookbinding as a part of my life.
Bookbinding is part of my life. I studied bookbinding in T.Ε.Ι. of Athens in the department of Techology Graphic Arts I did my practice in the bookbindery of Alexia Kokkinou in Kolonaki. I was fortunate to learn this technique from a great bookbinder from Alexandria, Gerasimo Hristaki. I was taught the technique of gold printing from the bookbinder Stefano Kolovouri.
From 1999 I work as a bookbinder in my own bookbindery in Javella Street 27 Exarhia.
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